Cross MediaWorks is one of the largest independent media service firms in the United States, managing an array of media on a targeted and measured basis. Cross MediaWorks owns a portfolio of media companies, including:

Cadent Network is the leading aggregator of premiere TV inventory sources, offering media buyers a dynamic, data rich alternative to traditional national network buys. Their portfolio of clients represents a collection of leading advertising agencies and national brands.

BlackArrow, the worldwide leader in advertising and data solutions, provides cross platform products and services for the TV industry’s biggest providers.

The Cross Agency is a full-service advertising agency that specializes in creating reliable cross-channel marketing campaigns that increase sales, generate leads and boost ROI. From concept, to planning to production, media buying and measuring results; maximizing budgets for long form, short form, direct mail, print and web.

Apex Media is a leading media representation firm, providing Cadent inventory partners with an additional way to monetize underutilized long-form (infomercials) and short form (direct response) inventory.

TV Media Insights is a leading source for television and media communications; providing up-to-date TV ratings, TV news and analysis, TV Gossip and TV Network Buzz.

WizeBuys TV is a national television network that reaches over 30 million homes and provides the largest possible media footprint at the most competitive price, with expertise in both long-form and short-form direct response advertising.

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